okstupid is a live comedy show about online dating.


Created by comedian Patrick Higgins, okstupid is a comedy / panel show that examines online dating and helps two wayward souls improve their profiles by examining all aspects of their profiles, including pictures, preferences, etc..

With segments such as Let’s Be Honest where our panel translates peoples profile BS, Confession Time the best and worst “Most Private Thing” people are willing to admit and The Six Things People Can’t Do Without Can Definitely Do Without.

We play audience games such asĀ  True or False, The Worst or The Right and more.

We also begin the show with an explanation of what OkCupid is, what the show is about and a stand up comedy set from one of the panelists!


If you’d like to be on the show, please contact us at okstupidshow@gmail.com and give us your name, okcupid username, contact information and we’ll let you know what dates we need people and if we’d like to have you on the show. Please no fake profiles, we want normal people who can actually benefit from improving their profiles.